Allan Kleynhans – Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Allan Kleynhans is a walking lexicon of human potential, having studied psychology, philosophy, the behavioural sciences and consciousness for 32 years. His vast knowledge and expertise in the subjects of human behaviour and spiritual psychology have helped thousands to make significant personal and spiritual breakthroughs, transcending the limiting mental constructs of their human psyche to create lives of true fulfilment and authentic self- expression.

Inspired at a young age by Napoleon Hill’s classic work, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Allan’s search for answers to his own problems, including trauma, PTSD, bi-polar and substance abuse, led him to many different schools of thought. He has studied and worked with the biggest names in the self-improvement industry.

Allan is the founder of ‘AWAKEN’, a workshop that allows participants to deeply explore the principles of spiritual psychology, thereby helping them to understand their true spiritual nature, which allows them to transcend their thinking, transform their problems into opportunities and find their true purpose here on earth.

He is a master facilitator and has been teaching and facilitating workshops for 20 years. His area of expertise includes self-awareness, leadership and communication. He is also a master coach and in high demand globally as a keynote-speaker. He has coached and worked with large, medium and small organisations including major banks, large retail brands, CEO’s and small business owners, military and police personnel and professional sports personalities, including members of the South African Springbok Rugby and Netball teams.

Allan is direct, transparent and thought-provoking – his intense, authentic style on the platform keeps his audiences riveted and have earned him rave reviews globally. He has been described as ‘brilliant, and articulate, a moving and inspiring speaker with a passion for people and a real desire to make a difference’.

Drawing from his own life experience and personal transformation, he is guaranteed to bring your conference or meeting to life with his dynamically entertaining and unconventional style. His passion, expertise and deep knowledge of his subject matter ensures he will add massive long-term value to your audience. More than just ‘rah-rah’, Allan leaves his audiences with real take home value and practical tools that help expand this value through time.