Are you looking for more…?


More growth, more fulfilment, more success, more self-expression and more authentic happiness…?


As a speaker, trainer, coach and facilitator, my purpose is always to serve my clients and audience to the best of my ability.

Working with groups and people one-on-one gives me a tremendous amount of fulfilment because it allows me to live my purpose and share my mission.


My mission is to leave the world in a better way than I found it by being an empowering example of love in action – assisting people to raise their consciousness allows me to do exactly that.


As a coach, I only work with a small select number of clients per year. Over the years, travelling the world speaking, I’ve been approached by huge numbers of people asking for coaching and I haven’t been able to take on the vast majority – it’s just not possible.

Besides, I’m just not affordable to most who ask about my coaching services.


I set up The Awakened Soul private Facebook group so I could reach more people during the recent global disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic – I knew people would need coaching and support during this crisis, the lockdown and the uncertainty that still lies ahead.


I offered my time and support for free because I love to serve and help people.


The group has and continues to serve that purpose.


And I know there are people who want more… they want more access, extra support and they want to accelerate their growth and their understanding of the spiritual principles that I have covered during regular live broadcasts in the group.


Hence the idea of an exclusive private membership group where you can get regular coaching on the issues that matter to you without breaking the bank.


Welcome to the Private Membership Group of The Awakened Soul!


As a member of this exclusive group, you will receive exclusive benefits designed to assist you to accelerate your growth and personal transformation.


These benefits include direct access to myself where you can deal with your most important issues, get your most important questions answered, regular live broadcasts, regular group coaching, surprise guest interviews and additional content not shared anywhere else.


All of this costs the price of a decent coffee in London… Yes, for less than a fiver per month, you’ll be able to accelerate your growth in a private group coaching environment created specifically to support you and your biggest goals.


Register now and I’ll be excited to see you on the inside!


With much love,