Learn from a master coach with 18 years of coaching experience at the highest level.


Allan is a master of communication and storytelling – learn how to enhance what you say and change your life forever.


Allan’s events appeal to an international audience from all walks of life and business – despite online, this perfect place to connect and expand your network.


Why are you here…? What’s your true purpose on this earth…? How can you make the most of this experience you have on earth for the brief time you’re here? Who are you really – behind the name, nationality and culture you’re born into?

These are the questions that nag us in the background of our minds whether we know it or not. We are only here for a very short time – while we are here on earth in these physical bodies, we also have a spiritual curriculum to complete and fulfil. Ignoring this is the source of all pain and suffering.

This powerfully moving 2-day online workshop will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions as you begin to peel back the layers of thinking that prevent you from expressing your true nature and being your most powerful self. Discover the false definitions of reality you began to form about life from the moment you were born – discover how to free yourself from your mental constructs and begin living from your authentic self, tapping into the magnificent power of Universal Mind.



Communication is the tool we use to describe and define life and our experience of it.

It presents us with the ability to share ideas, dreams and possibilities. It also offers us the ability to successfully transcend challenges and negotiate problems.

Learning to communicate effectively is pertinent to producing the desired outcomes and results we want in life – like any skill, communication must be developed and mastered in order to produce effective results.

This is the medium through which ideas either succeed or fail.

In fact, it’s true to say the quality of your communication determines the quality of your life, because everything rises and falls on the ability to share ideas in a way that can be absorbed and understood easily.

Although everyone speaks, not everybody communicates.

This interactive workshop gives you the nuts and bolts of powerful and effective communication. Learning to articulate your message clearly and succinctly is a powerful skill that sets leaders apart from their competition in all areas of life and business.

The ability to influence people to your ideas and vision rests on your ability to gain trust quickly and elegantly. This is because the ability to influence yourself and the people around you is key to all lasting and sustainable success – without precise and clear articulation, your ideas have no chance of coming to fruition. Those who take the time to master the skills of communication also enjoy other benefits including enhancing leadership ability.

This training offers an insightful look at the dynamics and distinctions of verbal and non-verbal communication. More importantly, how you can use these distinctions to effectively navigate and thrive in the current and future uncertain economic climate.


It's Your Time to Elevate Yourself

“I have been called an expert facilitator and if that’s indeed true, it is only because I have had the most amazing and prolific teachers and mentors along the way. I have taken that training and applied myself with discipline consistently and in so doing, I have managed to turn my adversity into profit. I can help you do the same thing!”
– Allan Kleynhans